Easiest Way to Clean a Coffee Machine

Vinegar is the ultimate solution!

If you use a coffee machine to prepare coffee, then, you should clean it regularly to avoid abandoning the great flavor of your coffee.

You may wonder what relates the coffee taste to your coffee maker’s cleanness. In some cases, your coffee may have an unusual taste due to water mineral precipitations which also can block some areas inside your coffee machine causing lower performance.

Even, it may produce a lower quantity than usual of your coffee drink. Your coffee machine’s internal humid environment, containing remains of coffee, is a suitable medium for bacterial growth or mold formation.

So, keep your health, your favorite coffee taste, and your coffee machine efficiency with the usual maintenance. Here are some tips that can help you properly clean your coffee machine easily.

Steps to Clean Your Coffee Machine

Step 1: Predestine Coffee Machine & Prepare a Vinegar Solution

Take off the coffee maker parts: the filter (if removable), the brewing basket, and the pot. Get rid of any remains of coffee or water and the paper filter (if you have one). Cleanse these parts with water.

Make a 1:2 mixture of vinegar and water (one part for vinegar and two parts for water). Some machines can afford the utilization of similar parts of water and vinegar. Fill in the carafe with this solution which will sanitize your coffee machine and get rid of precipitations.

Step 2: Clear Your Coffee Machine

In case you utilize paper filters, put one in the basket. Switch your machine on for half a cycle.

Switch it off letting the solution soak into it for an hour. After that, run it again until it finishes the cycle.

After finishing the cycle, throw the solution in the sink then cleanse the pot with water (use soap if it needs) and discard the paper filter.

You can repeat this vinegar solution cycle using a new clean solution if you see that there are some deposits or residues still stuck within your coffee maker.

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Step 3: Rinse Your Coffee Machine

Add clean water to the carafe till it reaches the maximum chart of its capacity and add another paper filter.

Then, turn on the coffee maker for a complete cycle and get rid of the water and the paper filter.

Repeat this cycle twice to allow the vinegar odor to disappear. Wait for 5 minutes between all the 3 cycles to help the coffee machine to cool down.

After the end of the third cycle, take out the pot and dismiss the water. Now, remove the basket. Clean it and the pot using a sponge and liquid soap then cleanse with water and dry them.

Step 4: Externally Wash Out Your Coffee Maker

Externally wipe your coffee machine with a microfiber towel damped with a tiny amount of water and liquid soap.

Instead, you can put a tiny amount of vinegar in an empty spray bottle then spray vinegar on a cotton towel or cloth and wipe the exterior using it.

Utilize cotton buds to clean any area you can’t reach with the cloth. Wipe with a slightly wet cloth to rinse the exterior.

At the end, dry with a clean dry towel.

Final Words

There are various types of coffee machines based on prices. Although vinegar is the hero of our cleaning story as a natural cleaner and a calcification fighter, your role appears here to take a look at the manual’s user guide of your machine to understand how you will deal with it during the cleaning process.

The different coffee maker brands have recommendations; some are against using vinegar in cleaning their coffee makers in order not to harm their metal parts. Others recommend diluting more with the vinegar solution. So, you must read the manual’s user guide for your machine to know the suitable ratio of the solution if it allows the use of the solution.

Also, some coffee machines have a clean cycle as an automated option. If your coffee maker has this option, just use it with our solution.

We recommend you deeply wash out your coffee maker every 3 or 6 months, but in case you are a daily user or addicted to coffee, clean it every month at least and enjoy the amazing coffee taste.

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