Clean Your Blender Machine Easily & Effectively

You can either use the quick or deep cleaning method!

It is known that a blender machine, in any kitchen, is one of the indispensable appliances which save both effort and time. It eases various steps in making different recipes and drinks. So, it is necessary to clean the blender machines properly to maintain good condition.

Cleaning any blender is a significant part of its maintenance. Generally, poor cleanness of any kitchen tool isn’t good for our health because the residue of food ingredients that still stay on them, as happens in a blender, helps germs and bacteria to grow.

This usually happens due to the shape and composition of the blender resulting in difficulty with cleaning because of the nooks and crannies of its jar and hurt probability from its sharp blades.

Hence, we share with you the best suitable manners of cleaning blenders.

Effective Methods of Cleaning a Blender Machine

1. Simple or Quick Method to Clean Your Blender

This quick hack can be used on daily basis after using your blender straightway or when you don’t have enough time to clean your blender deeply.

Once you empty your blender jar, start cleaning with the following steps:

Step 1

Prepare warm water then, pour it into the blender jar till halfway. Follow that by adding a small amount of liquid dish soap. Optionally, half a lemon can be added to prevent stains.

Step 2

Put on the jar lid and turn on the blender for nearly 30 to 60 seconds. But make sure that the lid is properly locked to avoid splashes of the previous mixture everywhere.

Step 3

Get rid of the jar content in the sink and rinse the lid and jar with warm water.

Step 4

Now, fill the blender jar again with warm water and turn on the blender again for 1 minute.

Step 5

Once more, rinse the jar and its lid and let them dry or dry them using a clean kitchen towel.

This simple hack has the advantage of getting all the part that is hard to be accessed reached easily by soapy water especially, around the sharp blades.

You can clean your blender machine easily in a few minutes through this process.

Let’s now go for the deep cleaning of your blender machine.

2. Deep Cleaning Method for Your Blender

Use this method to clean your blender on a regular basis after long periods or many times of using it to keep it always clean.

Another reason for deep cleaning is when simple cleaning isn’t useful in cases of hard, sticky residue or a very dirty blender. Deep cleaning will help a lot to restore the clean and shiny condition of the blender as a whole.

Follow the instructions below to start deep cleaning.

Step 1: Separate the Detachable Parts of the Blender

Make sure that the blender is unplugged then detach the jar, jar lid, jar base, sharp blades, gasket seal, and blender base from each other.

Step 2: Clean the Blender Base

Never wash the base in water as it contains the electric components of the appliance. Instead, you can wipe it using a towel wet with warm water or soapy water.

You can consider using cotton buds to clean the area of the control buttons.

The electrical cable of the blender also can be wiped and it should be checked for damage.

Step 3: Clean the Blender Jar

You can just clean the jar using warm soapy water and a dish sponge. You can also do the same steps of simple cleaning before, shown earlier, detaching the components of the blender. Preferably, you can add baking soda to cleaning items to assure ideal cleanness.

If the jar assembly is very dirty, a mixture of baking soda, liquid dish soap, and white vinegar can be soaked into it for some hours before applying any of the previous 2 tips.

Step 4: Clean the Remaining Pieces of the Blender

Soak the blades, jar base, and gasket seal in warm soapy water. You can use a brush or a sponge to scrub them, but take care to avoid being injured by sharp blades.

Then, rinse them with water and let them dry.

You can add a tablespoon of vegetable oil to the gasket seal after drying to keep its flexibility.

Final Words on Cleaning a Blender Machine

It will be easy to clean your blender machine if you clean it immediately after using and without letting its content residue dry inside it or on its surface.

It is also important to read the instruction book of your blender machine before using and cleaning it. This is to identify which parts of the mixer grinder are removable. Because you may find blender models that have the cutting blades attached permanently to the jar.

In addition, your instruction book will let you know if your appliance has the preset of self-cleaning so that you can easily use this for cleaning.

You will also know whether some of its parts can be cleaned by the dishwasher or not. Because high temperature can affect the appearance of the jar making it cloudy or scratched and the sharpness of the blades makes them blunt.

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