Bedroom Cleaning Checklist: How to Clean Your Bedroom Efficiently

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It is important for you to keep your bedroom clean at all times. That is the only way the bedroom will be a conducive space for rest. The question that then arises is as to what you specifically need to pay attention to while cleaning the bedroom. And that is the question we shall be answering in this article, as we provide a checklist for efficient cleaning of the bedroom.

Without further ado, these are the key aspects that require attention while cleaning your bedroom. Note that some of these are things you need to pay attention to in the course of your daily bedroom cleanups. Others are things to focus in during the weekly bedroom cleanup sessions. We also have some that you need to concentrate on while undertaking periodical deep cleaning of the bedroom:

The Bed Itself

This requires attention both during the daily and weekly cleanup sessions.

On a daily basis, it is of course important to ensure that you make the bed in the morning. Further, you need to be spraying the sheets with some form of linen spray.

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Then on a weekly basis, you should be washing and replacing the bedsheets. Wiping the headboard is also a key step here, during the weekly bedroom cleanup.

And when it comes to the occasional bedroom deep cleanups, some of the things you would need to do include using a handheld vacuum to rid the mattress of dust, as well as vacuuming the bed’s underside.

Other Furniture In the Bedroom

The other furniture in the bedroom includes things like the bedside tables, dressers and closets.

On a daily basis, it is important to ensure that any dishes that happen to be on the bedside table are returned to the kitchen.

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Then on a weekly basis, you would need to be wiping the bedside table.

And when you get to the occasional deep cleaning of the bedroom, you need to ensure that you declutter the dressers and closets.

Lampshades should also get dusted during the occasional deep cleaning sessions.

Bedroom Fixtures

These include the mirrors and light fixtures in the bedroom. On a weekly basis, you need to wipe them.

Then when undertaking the occasional deep cleaning, you would need to be fully removing the lampshades and wiping them thoroughly.

The Bedroom Floor

On a daily basis, it is important to be scanning the bedroom floor and ensuring that any stray items are picked and returned to their proper positions.

Then on a weekly basis, the bedroom floor needs to be swept or vacuumed, with greater care being taken of the area you sleep.

During the occasional deep cleaning sessions, you need to apply shampoo onto the carpets and mop the floors as well.

The Bedroom’s Walls and Windows

These require attention during the weekly cleaning sessions, as well as during the occasional deep cleaning sessions.

On a weekly basis, it is important to be cleaning both the windows and the window sills.

Then during the occasional deep cleaning sessions, you would also need to be going a step further, removing any artworks and dusting them.

The Bedroom’s Ceiling and Ceiling Fan

It is very easy to forget the ceiling while cleaning your bedroom. Yet it is something you need to be paying attention to, at least during the weekly bedroom cleaning sessions. What you specifically need to do is ensure that you get rid of any cobwebs that build up on the ceiling. Then any dust that happens to accumulate on the ceiling fan blade needs to be wiped off during the occasional deep cleanups.


Things you no longer need to use may start accumulating inside the bedroom. Such things that you no longer need to use are what we refer to as ‘clutter’. The thing to do with them is donate those that are capable of being donated, and throw away the rest.

The bedroom should only hold things that you actually use, and shouldn’t ever turn into a holding space for clutter.

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