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Section 1.0 – Content

Handsum House preserves the copyright of every type of text, information, data, photograph, sound, graphics, or other material that are used or available along with intellectual property rights.

Unless we state, there is no right or financial interest for you in any material of Handsum House. However, you are eligible to use any of the material or resources if Handsum House is given credit (May require written consent) in a proper way.

You should be careful about getting the consent of using the resources of Handsum House for commercial purposes. In addition, you cannot edit, copy, publish, distribute, store, transmit, reproduce, exploit, or disseminate any of our resources and materials without having written consent from Handsum House.

Section 1.1 – Third Party Products & Services

It is not unusual to see third-party website links on the materials and resources of Handsum House. Third-party services and products might also be featured on behalf of Google AdSense (Learn more about Google Terms & Conditions) and different Affiliate programs.

Currently, Handsum House promotes the products of Daraz Bangladesh and is compensated through sales as per the regulations. Here are the Daraz Bangladesh Terms & Conditions.

However, Handsum House does not promote any products or services without specifying them to the users. We do review or discuss different products and services available for the Bangladeshi audience under several affiliate programs.

Handsum House may also review products or services or run advertisements on behalf of trusted companies/brands from which we are compensated occasionally.

It is to be clear that Handsum House does not have any control or influence over third-party products, services, or websites. Thus, Handsum House will not take the responsibility for any type of inconvenience about them. At the same time, Handsum House is not responsible/liable to support/make any agreement on behalf of the users or any third party.

Section 1.2 – Downloads

You can have the right to download materials with criteria from Handsum House. It is to be noted that it does not mean you own the intellectual property right of the downloaded material. If you are to use the material for any purpose, that will require a User License Agreement with Handsum House.

Section 1.3 – Accessibility

Handsum House has the full right to allow or deny your access to the website anytime, without providing any prior notification if it is found that you have failed to comply with the Terms & Conditions. It may also happen that you are denied access to the website because of technical issues or tactical reasons.

Section 2.0

Handsum House reserves the right to change or modify the Terms & Conditions at any time.


Last Updated: 10th February, 2023

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