Privacy Policy

Handsum House collects and processes data to enhance the quality of the services provided to the users.

You are requested to take your time to go through the processes of how we collect and use your data. The Privacy Policy is applicable to those who use and access the properties of Handsum House.

1.0 The Data Handsum House Collects

1.1 Information You Provide

When you access or participate in any of our services and contact Handsum House, we receive the information you provide. It can be personal information or anything such as Name, Address, Email, Telephone number, etc. which are necessary to provide the services.

1.2 Attending Any Event

When you attend any of Handsum House events, conferences, or awards, that bring us with your personal information such as your name and contact details.

1.3 Content You Share

When you comment or share our posts, events, or videos, it may happen that we collect data about you through our official website and social media platforms.

2.0 The Data We Share

Handsum House never shares or sells your data to third parties or anybody for any purpose.

We are respectful of Bangladesh and International laws and regulations associated with data confidentiality to avoid every type of ethical and unethical issue.

Whenever we need to share the personal data of the users for a valid reason, we notify you to get consent.

3.0 The Data We Process

Handsum House processes the collected data only to make the services more convenient to the users. In this case, it is ensured that no unauthorized person/people can access your data.

Handsum House reserves the right to modify/change the Privacy Policy at any time.


Last Updated: 10th February, 2023

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