What Is a Waterfall Countertop Edge?

Let’s know about the waterfall countertop edge alongside the amount it can cost you!

If you have enough budget while you design your kitchen or bathroom decked out in a gorgeous natural stone, we recommend you to think of waterfall edge countertops. It’s trendy but timeless. But what is a waterfall countertop edge?

A waterfall countertop edge is an elegant way to show off your granite, travertine, or marble. It adds durability while the maintenance becomes very easy. In case, you are thinking about putting a waterfall edge countertop, this article can certainly be helpful for you.

How Can You Recognize a Waterfall Countertop Edge?

A waterfall countertop edge is a type of design aesthetic where the countertop stays at a 90-degree bend and ends on the floor. Thus, it gives the impression of a seamless continuance of the selected surface.

The decision to establish a waterfall countertop edge is mainly for aesthetic causes. Some people love the waterfall edge drama and how it showcases a higher-end material like granite or marble. You may also use it to hide stools, appliances, or even small chairs.

How Much Does a Waterfall Countertop Edge Cost?

The price of a waterfall countertop edge is dictated primarily by the material you want and the space you wish to conceal.

The Average Cost of Countertop Materials:

Countertop Materials Average Cost (Per Square Foot)
Granite $15–$140
Slate $30–$90
Travertine $11–$40
Soapstone $20–$70
Marble $25–$60
Wood $20–$40
Stainless Steel $60–$100
Concrete $50–$100

If you select a natural stone material, anticipate bombing out an extra fee for special fabricating.

The fabricator should consider using a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) laser cutter to miter the edges of the waterfall countertop. This is to make sure that they lay together without a visible seam.

Note that it will count as an extra of $1,000-$2,000 to the final bill.

Advantages of a Waterfall Countertop Edge

Besides knowing what is a waterfall countertop edge, let’s now time to go for the advantages. These are some of the reasons that make a lot of people ready to spend extra cash for a waterfall countertop edge.

Advantages of a Waterfall Countertop Edge
Image by RODNAE Productions (Pexels)

1. Easy Maintenance

Without extra troughs, hems, and intersections, the waterfall countertop is less prone to dirt buildup and easier to clean. You don’t need to be an expert in this case.

2. Durability

The design of the waterfall countertop makes it super durable and long-lasting. But you need to make sure that proper maintenance is in place.

3. Statement Piece

Any piece of furnishings with a waterfall countertop edge will make a fierce statement piece in your home. It will likely act as the focal point for any room it’s in.

Disadvantages of a Waterfall Countertop Edge

If you’re on the fence concerning a waterfall edge, you should consider these to make the final decision. 

Disadvantages of a Waterfall Countertop Edge
Image by Curtis Adams (Pexels)

1. High Cost

As mentioned above, a waterfall countertop edge will cost more than the usual countertops.

Because it requires expensive materials and additional labor costs which might demotivate you in case you have a limited budget.

2. Time-Consuming

As a waterfall countertop edge is complex and custom designed, the construction will take comparatively longer time than the usual and traditional countertops.

This dramatic piece might not be a satisfactory choice if you want your kitchen to remodel quickly. 

3. Connectivity

If you want an outlet on your kitchen island or cabinet, it might not be manageable with a waterfall countertop edge, depending on the material used. Speak to your advisor or an expert to make the decision.

Final Words

You have found the answer to what is a waterfall countertop edge alongside the information necessary to make an informed decision. Now it’s up to you to go for it or not although it can cost a bit.

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