14 Unique Island Ideas for Small Kitchens

It’s damn easy, you know, to beautify your kitchen if you choose from our top ideas!

Are you worried about how to include a kitchen island in your beautiful house? Don’t worry. We have you covered! Here, you will have some amazing island ideas for small kitchens to help you choose one that suits your taste.

Without talking much, let’s start the proceedings.

What Is a Kitchen Island?

You can consider a kitchen island a free-standing furniture in the form of a cabinet with a flat surface on which you can prepare food.

Simply saying, a kitchen island is an alternative to the table in your kitchen. It can be in different forms and shapes.

The main reason why people include a kitchen island in their kitchen is to provide more space and storage in the kitchen. It also gives a modern look to the kitchen and it makes the kitchen look neat when things are properly arranged.

When you infuse a kitchen island in your house and it provides you with more storage, you will be able to buy more kitchen utensils and appliances.

Kitchen Island enhances the look of the kitchen and it helps you to acquire extra seating at a low price.

Let’s Go Back to History

Kitchen Island was invented by Franklin Lloyd Wright in the 1930s when he designed a kitchen for a client. It required a type of kitchen that would let her have access to her guests while preparing food.

The first kitchen island was made up of a simple table with a work surface, later on, people started coming out with different designs and how they can be included in a small kitchen.

Most Suitable Island ideas for small kitchens

A lot of things to look out for when planning to include a kitchen island in your house especially when you have a limited budget and a small kitchen.

1. Go for the Waterfall Marble

The waterfall marble will make your kitchen looks bigger and prettier. Importantly, it will also help you to create more space. In addition, you will get a natural look at your kitchen with the use of waterfall marbles.

2. Add Storage

After you have your free-standing furniture, you can include cabinets, shelves, or any drawers within the base.

You may also add apo tracks using the space above so that you can free up space for various other items.

In addition, you will also be able to add storage to an unexpected area of the kitchen.

3. Raise the Bar a Bit

In case, you do not have space for an island in the middle of your kitchen, you can position the island vertical to the cabinetry or the wall. It will help you create space that will contain both the bar siting and the counter.

4. Choose Tile-on-Tile

You can go for a tile-on-tile look if you are in search of something a little more retro. Do this with a modern accent to make the home a good combination of past & present and you won’t stay out of trend.

5. Combine Your Island & Dining Table

If your kitchen cannot contain both the dining table and kitchen Island, you may consider combining the two and get a dropleaf table. Thus, it will meet both of your needs.

Whenever it is not in use, you can lower it easily as the dropleaf table is very flexible. You can take it as one of the most considerable island ideas for small kitchens.

6. Just Make an Impact

Having a small kitchen island doesn’t mean that your kitchen island can’t be a centerpiece.

You can make a colorful splash using unexpected accents like a barstool to go with the bright cabinetry.  At the same time, you can use different colors to create a unique and beautiful Kitchen Island.

7. Go for the Waterfall Marble

The waterfall marble will make your kitchen looks bigger and prettier. Importantly, it will also help you to create more space. In addition, you will get a natural look at your kitchen with the use of waterfall marbles.

8. Build a Hidden Storage

Having private storage in the kitchen is always beneficial. Because it will allow you to keep the private things that you don’t want others to have access to.

You may also create a hidden door handle so that others won’t easily notice it.

9. Add a Bit of Terrazzo

You can avoid boring and the usual countertops by adding a terrazzo slab to your kitchen island. Marmoreal-terrazzo’s arguably cooler cousin will be a great option in this case because of its eye-catching design.

Also, it has a top-notch material that uses a layer segment of colorful Italian marble sand. It also brings out natural shapes and textures to make your kitchen island stand out.

10. Consider Building Out a Booth

Include a comfortable booth seating on the far side of the island where you can hang out with family and friends to have a more comfortable gathering.

You can also sit in the booth to eat after cooking if you don’t feel like using the dining table.

It can also serve as a relaxation center for you. Maybe when cooking and you have to wait for some minutes before adding more ingredients.

11. Apply a Colorful Faucet

This is another fantastic island ideas for small kitchens if you don’t know how to spice up your kitchen island, huh? Replace your standard sink faucets with something bright and you will love the outcome.

Colorful faucets will make your kitchen island look elegant and gorgeous. Use a color that goes with the accents around your kitchen for a more beautiful look.

A faucet performs the duty of a tap but it’s just the upgraded version of a tap and it makes the kitchen look more stylish.

12. Think about Movement

As you are trying to include a small kitchen island in your house, make sure that you have enough space for movement.

Placing all appliances in the right positions will also be important to move around easily.

13. Use a Modular Unit

A built-in island can actually take up too much space in the kitchen. If you are worried about this, you may go for a modular design to save space.

A modular piece can be moved to another room when necessary because it’s moveable and you can change the position any time you feel like it.

14. Try a Console

A console table adds styles and also provides an extra surface for meal preparation. It will perfectly fit in and create more space for you.

Some console tables come with full storage and they always add style to your kitchen at a low cost.

Final Words on Island Ideas

We have listed out some of the great beautiful island ideas for small kitchens here. Considering multiple or any ideas above will help you cut down costs, create more space and make your kitchen island look unique.

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