11 Best Black Marble Kitchen Countertops for You

Choosing black marbles can be hectic for your kitchen countertops, let’s make it easy!

The use of black marble can bring sophistication and charm to your interior spaces. Using black marble kitchen countertops in the kitchen, instead of your regular granite, brings in panache and a luxe appeal.

The black marble or the Nero marble is of numerous types and is available in a variety of finishes such as matte, satin, glossy, etc. Let’s get to know about them before choosing for your kitchen.

What Is a Marble?

Marble is a natural stone and is considered one of the luxurious pieces in home decor. It is, in fact, a metamorphosed form of limestone.

Geologically, when the structure of limestone gets altered as its granular links are formed a new material due to metamorphosis because of heat and pressure in the tectonic over time, marble is formed.

When the layers of limestone contain a high amount of organic sediment and carbonates between them, the resulting stone turns black owing to years of pressure and heat in the layers of the earth.

Varieties of Black Marble Kitchen Countertops You Can Choose From

Here, we have listed the most sought-after varieties of marbles that can change the entire look and feel of your kitchen.

1. Noir Saint Laurent Marble

The dark Saint Laurent marble from France will light up your kitchen with its gold, white veining, and subtle black color.

It has a compact carbonatic structure and is fine-grained. Use it on your island and keep a big vase of snapdragons in it under an amber glow from the drop light overhead.

The gold will accentuate the warmth in the kitchen and make cooking alongside hosting a pleasurable experience for you.

You may also consider using it for your bar top where it will look awesome against crystalware and high chairs.

2. Port Saint Laurent

Found in Morocco, Port Saint Laurent marble will give your kitchen an earthy feel. It has dark brown and black colors in dominance and a white marbled pattern that gives it a grayish look in certain areas.

It also has golden veining which gives it that stunning look. The best choice would be to use it on the cooking counter where its warmth will accentuate in feel, being close to the cooktop.

You can also use it on the floor for that cozy and inviting feel.

3. Nero Marquina or Marquina Black

Nero or black Marquina is one the best quality of black marble for your kitchen. If you are searching for aesthetic black marble kitchen countertops, Nero Marquina is indeed a prodigious option.

It is found in the Marquina-Xemein region of Spain in its Basque County which is in the northern part of the country.

It is one of the most gorgeous black marbles as it has fine white streaks or veins against its dark black color. This marbling is of irregular thickness, and this fine-grained marble makes it a great choice for your house.

If you decide to put it in your kitchen, it will amp up the whole look of your space. Try going for a theme here and create a binary with colors.

4. Fossil Black

It is deep gray and contains interesting patterns or cells, in white color all over, giving it a distinct appearance. People also call it Black Fossil Marble, Marmor Fossil Nero, or Black Morocco Fossil.

Usually, this type of marble is found in Morocco which has large quarries of this metamorphosed fossil limestone.

It has a very artistic and interesting look to it, and it will make for a great addition to your interiors. Choose wall claddings in this marble and see how fun and ornamental it looks.

You can go all board and put it everywhere in your kitchen- countertops, island, and floor, and give your kitchen that eclectic look.

Remember to use white appliances and fixtures to bring out the popping contrast.

5. Nero Dorato or Sahara Noir

Found in Tunisia, this is an eye-catching marble. It is the deepest shade of black and has long streaks or strands running at long lengths in three colors, bronze, gold, and white.

It is also called Sahara Noir as it is found in the Saharan region of Africa. The white streaks or strands often run close to or inside the bronze and the gold, giving it a very distinct and unique look. It will be an excellent choice for your kitchen countertop.

6. Nero Portoro

It is tough to find someone who does not like black marble kitchen countertops. That is where the Nero Portoro marble can be a fantastic choice.

This Italian variety of marble is one of the most luxurious and opulent marbles in the history of mankind. It was used in the Roman empire and has been known to be used since the 7th century CE.

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This marble is estimated to have formed around two hundred million years ago. It is a delicate, deep, ebony black marble with gold and white veins that give it an exquisite look.

Use it on your island, or on countertops. It will also enhance the look and feel of your bar top and give it a welcoming and inviting look, taking the focus away from the storage units underneath.

7. Nero Crete

Nero Crete is a popular marble from Greece with deep black and gray color. It gets its gray color because of the large splash of white shells and webs that intensify in some spots and lighten and spread more in others.

It is also called Damasta silver-gray, or Damasta black. This will make for a great addition to your kitchen and look delicate against all of your silver faucets, fixtures, appliances, and chinaware.

8. Nero Kavala

You can find this black and gray marble in Greece and other parts of Europe. The marble got its name from the city of Kavala in Greece.

Generally, it contains a large number of fossilized patterns that occur as white streaks, stark white veins, and splashes across the strata of the slab.

It will become a great addition to your kitchen floor with its abstract patterns and homogeneity. You can also use it on the counters in an all-white kitchen.

Or you can use it as the backsplash against other kinds of more solid marbles with lesser veins and patterns.

9. Black & Gold

This variety of black marble kitchen countertops is found in Pakistan, Iran, and some parts of India. It is a beautiful black marble with yellow and striking gold patterns or veining along with some white veins.

It does not contain any fossils and is the most intense shade of black against golden yellow. The better the quality of the marble, the lesser will be the presence of white veins in it.

This fine-grained marble can bring an interesting dimension to your kitchen. You can use it on pretty much any surface you fancy, and can mix it with less busy and more solid colors of cabinetry and appliances.

10. Nero Di Ormea

This Italian marble has a deep shade of gray and black color and consists of long streaks of white in it. It is very sturdy and non-porous in nature. It may also consist of some quantity of quartz in it that adds to its durability and strength.

You will find it great in your kitchen on the island, countertop, and also into the sink and give a homogenous feel to the space.

11. Austral Gold

Native to Australia, the Austral gold is a black marble with large beige, bronze & gold, and streaks & veins patterns.

Being polished, this muted tone of black fills your living spaces with warmth and coziness. It pairs well with earthy colors in the kitchen and makes it look very comfortable and lived.

Use it on the floor or your bar top and it will add that touch of homeliness to the hosting corner in your kitchen.

For all the above marble types, you can go for a honed, sanded, polished, or other kinds of finish. The names Nero or Noir are only reflective of the color of the marble as both of those words mean dark.

Where Can You Use the Various Black Marbles in Your Kitchen?

1. Black Marble Kitchen Countertops

Black marbles make for an excellent choice for the countertops in your kitchen.

It is a great choice owing to its dark color in the sense that it does not show stains and it also patches very well on the surface.

2. Black Marble on Islands

Your island is that part of the kitchen that doesn’t only serve the functional part but also adds an aesthetic charm to it.

You do your meal preps here, and you also prefer to keep it tidy and inviting with a statement vase of flowers or a striking plant, and your gorgeous drop lights or unique-looking chandeliers go right over the counter.

Going for a beautifully patterned black marble slab will be the perfect addition to the look as it will enhance the overall feel and aesthetic of your kitchen.

3. Black Marble on Bar Top

Undoubtedly, the bar top is an interesting addition to your kitchen. This peninsular counter with chairs and storage will look exquisite and distinct with the addition of a black marble slab.

Since you use this corner most frequently for having a quick breakfast, or beverage, it is susceptible to spills. However, keeping clean this will be an interesting attraction with a black surface in the kitchen.

4. Black Marble on Backsplash

It is the best way to show off that stunning piece of natural black stone to use is for the backsplash in the kitchen. You will have an eye-level view of the veins, streaks, and patterns of the marble when used in this manner.

It is not only a functional addition to your kitchen as it will keep the wall protected, but with the marble used there, it will add a tasteful touch to your space.

Since black marbles are more delicate, or rather not as sturdy as granite, it should not be the sole reason to decide against using them in your space. It will bring elegance and splendor to your kitchen, and you should not shy away from using it.

Having said that, it will be your responsibility to make it look spotless and pristine, keeping it safe from spills and splashes, just like the other corners of your house.

Final Words

So, you have a number of options available in choosing black marble kitchen countertops. It’s up to you now to consider the one that suits your taste, and importantly your budget!

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