Solar Panels Disadvantages – What You Should Know!

The solar panel is a great alternative source of energy but you must be cautious about the solar panels disadvantages!

The last decade has witnessed an exponential rise in the use of solar energy. Both the corporate sector and the homeowners were observed to switch from the conventional way of energy consumption to the use of solar panels. These are some of the well-known facts, but before we dive into switching to solar panels, we must be well informed of solar panels disadvantages.

The solar’s positive impact on the environment is also widely celebrated. We will be briefly compiling both the pros and the cons of solar panels here so that you can make an intelligent and informed choice.

Let’s have a look at some of the drawbacks of solar panels

Solar Panels Disadvantages to Consider

Disadvantages of solar panels Image Credit: Cristian Rojas

1. High Initial Costs

While the maintenance cost is affordable, the initial cost of equipment and installation is pretty high for solar panels. The entire system consists of panels, inverters, batteries, wiring, and installations. Since you will need to pay upfront for all of them, the initial payment will be quite large. It is one of the notable solar panels disadvantages that you should seriously take into account.

2.  Requires a Permit

Most of you may not be aware of this but installing a solar system requires the local government’s permit. This process might take weeks or even months, depending on your local government’s response.

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3. Dependency of Solar Panels on Sunlight

As solar panels work by conducting radiation from the sun, cloudy days and nights aren’t too productive and efficient. If you don’t have a battery installed along with the panels, you may suffer a power outage when there’s a lack of sunlight. Winter months take a further toll on the panels and the energy production drops even further.

4. Requires Large Space

The panels are large and bulky which require considerable space for their placement. Also, as solar panels are not very aesthetically pleasing, they tend to decrease the beauty of a home. Although the newer ones are designed elegantly, the majority of the models out there aren’t too pretty to look at.

5. Reduced Efficiency

The efficiency of solar-produced energy is slightly less than the conventional means. Similarly, solar-powered cars run at a slower speed as compared to the typical ones. Although this issue is being addressed, it continues to be a problem today.

So, these are some of the solar panels disadvantages that should be considered before making any decision.

The Advantages of Using Solar Panels

advantages-of-solar-panels Image Credit: Kindel Media

With their ever-increasing popularity, let us now discuss the advantages of solar panels.

1. Environment Friendly & Pollution-free

The entire process (except for the initial production of the panels) is very eco-friendly. As the panels work by conducting the sun’s radiation, they don’t produce any greenhouse gases. Neither do they produce any chemical by-products.

2. Zero Dependency on the Availability of Raw Materials

Solar panels do not require any raw material for their functioning. They’re also free from the price hikes that conventional energy sources have experienced in recent years.

3. Zero Dependency on Electricity Grids

This is a huge advantage of solar panels in far-flung and rural areas where the cost of establishing electricity is very high. Solar panels can also be beneficial to urban areas as it makes the house self-reliant and free from grid constraints.

4. Creation of Jobs

The installation, manufacturing, maintenance as well as research, and design development have opened doors to thousands of new job positions. These booming jobs are sustainable as solar energy has the potential to expand even further into the future.

5. Cost Efficiency

Other than the initial installation, the maintenance of solar panels is extremely cost-effective. They do not require expensive raw materials, like coal or oil, and have zero dependence on costly fossil fuels. They also have a good life expectancy of up to 30-40 years. It can certainly make you ignore most of the solar panels disadvantages.

6. Constant Improvement

Technology is improving every day. Increased efficiency and improved designs of solar panels are introduced into the market every other day. As a result, the efficiency of solar panels has increased greatly.

7. Can Be Paired with a Solar Battery

It will make the home entirely self-reliant, even when the sunlight is deficient. The batteries will provide backup power even when it’s cloudy or rainy or when it is nighttime.

8. Safe & Easiness

The panels can be easily installed anywhere, it can be roof ground, or any even surface. They require no trenching and can be installed nearby. Also, they’re less dangerous compared to traditional electricity sources.


In a nutshell, although the solar panels disadvantages are there, they are an alternative energy form that is rapidly evolving and holds great potential. The advancements in the next few years will decide the ultimate fate of the solar industry and its long-term efficiency.

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