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Not many to choose from!

Sharp is not a well-known brand in Bangladesh but it certainly has credibility in the market in terms of producing quality blender machines. In case, you are looking to buy a blender, compare the Sharp blender price in Bangladesh before making your purchase decision.

This article will cover all the Sharp blender models that are available for the Bangladeshi market. This is going to be an extensive review of the Sharp blenders which will include detailed features, prices, and warranty information.

Without taking much of your time, let’s now find out the Sharp blender machines.

Sharp Blender Price in Bangladesh: EM-100PM-ST

Well, the EM-100PM-ST blender is the most popular model produced by Sharp. Not many Sharp blender models you can get in Bangladesh, but this one can certainly make your list.

This model of Sharp blender machine has a capacity of 1 liter which is more than enough for general purposes. At the same time, you can use the blender machine as a mixer grinder. It has a 2-speed control system and safety lock to make things more convenient.

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The blade of the EM-100PM-ST blender machine is made of stainless steel with plastic body material. Importantly, this model is well-trusted and used by a big number of people in Bangladesh.


EM-100PM-ST: Major Features

  • Capacity: 1.0 Liters
  • Power: 500 Watts
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz
  • Motor Rating: 30 Minutes
  • Safety Lock: Yes

EM-100PM-ST: Warranty

  • After-Sale Services: One Year

Sharp Blender Price in Bangladesh: EM-181-GR

The EM-181-GR is another quality blender model of Sharp and you can look for it if you are to buy a top-notch blender machine. You will get three types of blades that include a cutting, a round, and a dough blade.

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That means you can cut meat, cheese, onion, and bred with the use of this blender machine. At the same time, you can cut fruits and vegetables to make a salad.

The origin country of the Sharp blender machine is Japan though all the parts are assembled in China before coming to the Bangladeshi market.


EM-181-GR: Major Features

  • Capacity: 1800 ml
  • Mill Capacity: 200 gm
  • Chopper Capacity: 800 ml
  • Power: 550 Watts
  • Blades Type: Cutting, Round, & Dough
  • Origin Country: Japan
  • Assemble Country: China

EM-181-GR: Warranty

  • Free Services: One Year

Sharp Blender Price in Bangladesh: EM-CJ11-W3

The EM-CJ11-W3 is the third available model of Sharp blenders. You won’t get many Sharp blenders in Bangladesh. So, if you really want to buy a Sharp blender machine, you need to choose from these limited options.

The blender machine is dishwasher safe which means you can wash it without worrying about damage. You will have the soft-touch push button with this model of Sharp blender machine as well.

In addition, the cleaning process is very easy as it is small in size. Importantly, the blender machine will last for a longer period if you use it safely.


EM-CJ11-W3: Major Features

  • Capacity (Bowl): 1 Liter
  • Power: 150 Watts
  • Number of Blades: Two
  • Speed: One
  • Push Button: Soft-Touch
  • Bowl Material: Compliant AS (Food Grade)

EM-CJ11-W3: Warranty

  • N/A

Is Sharp a Reliable Blender Producer?

Look, Sharp is not a brand like Walton that produces a huge number of blender machines for the Bangladeshi market. We even had to deal with difficulties gathering information in describing the blender models attached here.

That does not prove that Sharp produces low-quality blender machines. It is a Japanese brand with China involved in shipping the blender machines to Bangladesh.

So, there is trust and credibility in the market for Sharp electronics or home appliance products including refrigerators. You can certainly go and buy Sharp blender machines if the features and budget match properly.

What You Should Consider Before Buying a Blender

Choosing a blender machine from a big number of models of different brands can be hectic.

To make things easy, we have pointed out some of the important features that you should consider to choose and comparing Sharp blender price in Bangladesh with other companies.

Here are the factors:

#1 Speed of the Blender Machine

The speed of the motor determines the productivity and overall efficiency of the blender machines. So, before going for the Sharp blender price in Bangladesh, make sure that the blenders have a good capacity motor.

For general purposes, it is fair to have blender machines that have 400-watt or less powered motors. However, blenders with 500 or more watts motor can be very handy for you.

The Sharp blender models, provided here, have over 500 watts motors though the last one is less powerful because of the design and variety of uses.

#2 Material

The material of the blender machines matters most and you must consider the material seriously. Most of the blender machines are built with plastic material. In fact, these are very effective for lassie or juice preparation.

However, if you are looking for multi-functional blender machines, you can go for mixer grinders that have stainless steel material. Basically, Sharp produces blender machines that you can use for both grinding and blending purposes.

#2 Capacity of the Blender

This is important to consider for you before considering a Sharp blender price in Bangladesh. The price of the blender machines differs based on the capacity.

The mixer grinders provide several options with a blender jar, grinding jar, or chopping jar. It is your demand that should be taken into account alongside your budget to make your final decision.

However, 1 liter to 1.5 liters capacity blender machines is enough for general purposes whether it is at home or the offices.

Final Words on Sharp Blender Price in Bangladesh

As mentioned earlier, you will find very few Sharp blender models in Bangladesh to choose from. However, you can buy any of the above models comparing the Sharp blender price in Bangladesh and enjoy blending.

We recommend you to go for EM-100PM-ST model to buy. This model has got great exposure and many people are using it with 100% customer satisfaction.

However, other models of Sharp blenders are equally good and you can buy them as well. Either you can do online shopping or look for a physical store to buy a Sharp blender machine.

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