Blender Price in Bangladesh 2023 | All Available Brands

Price differs based on factors and available features

The blender has become a necessary kitchen appliance in Bangladesh because of its variety of uses and comfortableness. Realizing the demand, a number of renowned brands are offering quality blender machines at competitive prices. If you are looking to find the best blender price in Bangladesh, we have you covered.

This article will focus on all types of brands that offer blender machines or mixer grinders in Bangladesh. We have researched the price ranges of different models for each brand alongside important features of the blenders to help you make a great purchase decision.

Without talking much, let’s move to the list of the mixer grinder price in Bangladesh.

Note: You may not find some of the recommended blender machines on Daraz because of being stock out!

5 Best Blenders to Buy in 2023 – Researched & Selected by Our Experts

Image Product Details   Price Buy On
WBL-15GM75-Walton-Blender-Price-in-Bangladesh WBL-15GM75 (Walton) Power: 750 Watt
Warranty: 1 Year
Max. Capacity: 1.5 Liters
৳5,690 Daraz
NV-BL999-Nova-Blender-Price-in-Bangladesh NV-BL999 (Nova) Power: 220/250 Watt
Warranty: 2 Years
Max. Capacity: 1.5 Liters
৳1,355 Daraz
MX-AC555-Panasonic-Blender-Price-in-Bangladesh MX-AC555 (Panasonic) Power: 1000 Watt
Warranty: 5 Years
Total Jars: 5 (Max. – 1.5L)
৳14,650 Daraz
MFM-2100-Jaipan-Blender-Price-in-Bangladesh MFM-2100 (Jaipan) Power: 850 Watt
Warranty: 2 Years
Voltage: 230 VAC
৳6,000 Daraz
VIS-SBL-011-Vision-Blender-Price-in-Bangladesh VIS-SBL-011 (Vision) Power: 750 Watt
Warranty: 1 Year
Max. Capacity: 1.4 Liters
৳4,590 Daraz

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Walton Blender Price in Bangladesh

Image from Walton

Walton is renowned for building quality blender machines which makes it the most popular brand in Bangladesh from this perspective.

Usually, Walton blender price in Bangladesh ranges from 1350 TK to 5640 TK and you will have a lot of splendid models available to choose from.

You can buy popular Walton blender machines, which have been the best-selling, spending around ৳3000 to ৳4500.

To compare the Walton mixer grinder price in Bangladesh on the basis of popular models, a list has been provided here for you.

Comparison Table for Walton Blender Price in Bangladesh

Walton Blender Models Current Price (BDT)
WBL-50SL26 (260W) ৳1350
WBL-6TCG30 (300W) ৳3100
WBL-13EX25N (250W) ৳2230
WBL-13M230 (300W) ৳3350
WBL-VK01 (650W) ৳5640
WBL-15SMG6 (650W) ৳5100
WBL-15GM65S (650W) ৳4400
WBL-15GM65 (650W) ৳5250
WBL-13EC30N (300W) ৳2450
WBL-15G35N (350W) ৳2330

In enquiring about any of the above Walton blender price in Bangladesh, you may copy and paste the models on Google. You will get the official website of Walton or other partners.

Here is our extensive review on: Walton Blender Price in Bangladesh 

Is Walton a Reliable Brand?

Yes, you can rely on Walton in getting good quality products that will last long. It is a brand that has been in the market since 1977 and expanded its business in various areas to be the home appliance leader of the Bangladeshi market.

Walton builds electronic products including blender machines maintaining international standards. That has made the process easy for it to be the leading local organization to export electronic products.

You will get a number of options available for both expensive and cheap blender machines. You can also consider Walton fridges, motor vehicles, air conditioners, and other electronic products for your house within your budget.

So, stop thinking much and go for the Walton blender price in Bangladesh to choose a great one.

Miyako Blender Price in Bangladesh

Image from Miyako

This is another brand that produces quality blender machines and is among the top picks of Bangladeshis.

Generally, Miyako blender price in Bangladesh ranges from 2000 TK to 5500 TK though they may differ based on different shops or distributors.

It does not mean that you need to spend over 5000 TK to get the best Miyako blender.

Mostly, you can have a good capacity Miyako blender within a budget of 3000 TK to 4000 TK. In case, you require low-capacity blenders, around 2500 TK should be enough for you.

We have researched the Miyako mixer grinder price in Bangladesh to prepare this list of different models with the current prices. You can have a look at the comparison table to choose an appropriate blender that suits you.

Comparison Table for Miyako Blender Price in Bangladesh

Miyako Blender Models Current Price (BDT)
Miyako DL-718 ৳2375
Miyako BL-152PF-AP (1.5L) ৳3450
Miyako YT-2004CH (1.5L) ৳2375
Miyako BL-302PL ৳2975
Miyako BL–102 (1.5L) ৳3210
Miyako BL21PCS Out of Stock
Miyako 508B (400W) ৳3400
Miyako 408B (300W) ৳3250
Miyako RedBull (850W) ৳5300
Miyako BlueBird (750W) ৳5060

In case of enquiring further about the Miyako blender price in Bangladesh, just copy any model provided in the table. Then, paste it into the google search bar, and you will have the official website of Miyako to explore details about the mixer grinder.

Is Miyako a Reliable Brand?

Yes, you can buy and enjoy products made by Miyako as a trusted brand. The brand actually imports parts from numerous countries such as China, India, Turkey, Indonesia, etc to assemble them before the sale. So, the standards are maintained to make the products user-friendly.

The quality it provides has gained attention significantly which has helped Miyako to be one of the most popular brands of our time.

You may think that Miyako is a foreign brand that operates its business here in Bangladesh. But that is not the case! Miyake is one of our many Bangladeshi brands that started to sell electronics products in the 1980s.

If you compare the Miyako blender price in Bangladesh with other brands, you will be able to choose a better grinder that will stay effective for a longer period in your kitchen.

Vision Blender Price in Bangladesh

Image from Vision

Vision blender machines are in high demand in Bangladesh because of their unique design and adaptability to different needs.

Vision blender price in Bangladesh generally ranges from 1500 TK to 5000 TK based on different features and capacities.

Note that the price might be changed in terms of the available offers or coupons provided by the distributors.

The brand itself has categorized the Vision blender price in Bangladesh into four parts which are:

Category Price/Watt
Comparatively Lower Price ৳1500-2400 (300W)
Blender with Plastic Jar ৳2500-3200 (400W)
Blender with SS Jar ৳3300-4500 (400-850W)
High-Speed Grinders ৳4600-5000 (1000W)

Furthermore, we have specifically researched some of the popular vision blender models for you to choose from.

Comparison Table for Vision Blender Price in Bangladesh

Vision Blender Models Current Price (BDT)
VIS-SBL-015 (650W) ৳4005
VIS-SBL-011 (750W) ৳4050
VIS-SBL-018 (650W) ৳3870
VIS-SBL-005 (SS) (400W) ৳3555
VIS-SBL-014 (650W) ৳3870
VIS-PBL-009 (300W) ৳1845
VSBL RG-25 ৳2205
VSBL-S30 (350W) ৳2835
VIS-PBL-010 (300W) ৳1701
VIS-SBL-017 (850W) ৳4590

In enquiring about Vision blender prices in Bangladesh further on any particular model, we recommend copying it from our list and searching on Google. You will have the link on top to get further information to make your purchase decision.

Is Vision a Reliable Brand?

You all know the name of Vision in terms of electronic devices and may have seen vision products in every home you go to. That makes things clear that Vision is a widely used and trusted brand in Bangladesh.

Do you know that Vision is a sister organization of RFL Group? Vision started its business in 2013 as a part of RFL Group and has been very successful in producing industry-standard electronic products for the house and kitchen.

So, there is no reason why you become afraid of buying Vision blender machines.

Vision blenders are cost-effective and easy to use which makes them competitive in the market. You may also compare the Vision blender price in Bangladesh with Walton, Miyako, Panasonic, or other brands before making a good decision.

Refund Policy of Vision

Vision has a good refund or order cancellation policy, specific as well, for any online purchase through the website.

So, if you get a mixer grinder that does not meet the requirements you saw in the specifications, you can ask for customer support from Vision Bangladesh to cancel the order.

Conditions for Refund/Cancellations:

  • Defected Blender.
  • Wrong Model/Capacity.
  • Product with Items Missing.

You can even ask for a replacement of the blender though it will be a matter of the availability of the specific model that you ordered.

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Kiam Blender Price in Bangladesh

Image from Striplea

Now we are going to talk about Kiam Blender machines, another popular electronic brand in Bangladesh, that has gained significant attention in the past decades.

The Kiam blender price in Bangladesh may differ based on the store and distributors. Kiam does not sell blenders directly through its official website.

So, we recommend you check different stores to get the best-priced Kiam blender machines for your kitchen.

In general, you can buy quality Kiam blenders spending around 3,000 TK to 10,000 TK considering the features available.

Kiam has a wide variety of blenders or mixer grinders to offer.

You should remember that the Kiam mixer grinder price in Bangladesh can be a bit high compared with Walton or Miyako blender machines. But the quality is there, so, you can certainly go for Kiam blenders.

Comparison Table for Kiam Blender Price in Bangladesh

 Kiam Blender Models  Current Price (BDT)
 Kiam 1700 (750W) ৳4200 
 Kiam Blender-D3 (500W)  ৳4150
 Kiam 2015R (350W) ৳3700 
 Kiam D3Plus (500W)  ৳6500
 Kiam BL1800 (750W)  ৳6322
 Kiam BL400 (500W)  ৳8550
 Kiam BL1600 (750W)  ৳4200
 Kiam BL1000 (750W)  ৳4510
 Kiam bl-1900 (750W) ৳4250 
 Kiam BL-1400 (750W) ৳5151 

The range of the Kiam blender price in Bangladesh has been provided based on different stores available in Daraz Bangladesh.

Here is our extensive review on: Kiam Blender Price in Bangladesh 

Is Kiam a Reliable Brand?

The answer is ‘Yes’. Kiam is an established metal industry organization in Bangladesh. The organization has multiple international awards including the Industry Business Award which proves its worth, quality, and reliability.

Kiam started its business in 1990 with an aim to produce quality electronics and goods in Bangladesh. It has been so successful to capture a huge market in Bangladesh since then with a great reputation. So, you can choose and buy Kiam blender machines without any hesitation.

As the Kiam blender price in Bangladesh can be a bit high, you may also go for other brands if you have a limited budget.

Singer Blender Price in Bangladesh

Image from Singer

Let’s now talk about the Singer mixer grinder price in Bangladesh, yet another popular and competitive brand in the Bangladeshi blender market.

Usually, the Singer blender price in Bangladesh ranges from 4,500 TK to 8,000 TK.

Singer does not focus on producing a big number of blender models as it is more focused on quality.

So, it is understandable that the Singer grinders are a bit expensive. Anyway, quality and durability are there as strengths.

Comparison Table for Singer Blender Price in Bangladesh

 Singer Blender Models Current Price (BDT) 
 PIBL-ECOTWIN-MG-154 (550W) ৳5890 
 PIBL-ECOCHEF-MG-159 (600W) ৳7700 

We have provided the current Singer blender price in Bangladesh here mining the data from the official website of Singer. You may find slight differences based on coupons or offers in physical or other online stores.

Is Singer a Reliable Brand?

Before screening the Singer blender price in Bangladesh, you should have proper knowledge about the reliability of the brand.

Singer has become a brand of trust in Bangladesh since its entrance in 1905. It is not actually a local brand, started its business in 1851 in the British Empire.

Later the brand was expanded around the globe. Now Singer is a global brand with popularity and billions of dollars in revenue around the world.

So, you can rely on Singer Bangladesh in getting a great blender machine for your kitchen. As a global brand, it does not go with low-quality products which makes the Singer blender price in Bangladesh a bit high.

You may also buy and enjoy LED/LCD TVs, IPS, furniture, air conditioners, Singer refrigerators, fans, iron machines, microwaves, air coolers, etc. products from Singer Bangladesh.

Panasonic Blender Price in Bangladesh

Image from Panasonic

You may also buy Panasonic blender machines, a Japanese brand, as it is a well-known brand in Bangladesh and the global arena in terms of producing home appliances.

Panasonic blender price in Bangladesh ranges from 3,500 TK to 17,000 TK.

Panasonic is another foreign brand like Singer which focuses on expensive mixer grinders with superb quality and extra features compared with local brands.

However, it won’t be difficult to buy a Panasonic mixer grinder if you have a budget of around 6,000 to 8000 TK in Bangladesh.

Extensive Review: Panasonic Blender Price in Bangladesh

To compare the Panasonic mixer grinder price in Bangladesh based on different models, we have listed some popular models here.

Comparison Table for Panasonic Blender Price in Bangladesh

 Panasonic Blender Models  Current Price (BDT)
 MX-EX1001 (400W)  ৳3900
 MK-GB1 (200W) ৳6200 
 MX-AC400 (340-360W)  ৳10,200
 MX-AC300 (340-360W)  ৳8500
 MX-AV325 (600W) ৳8500 
 MX AC400SWUA (550W-5jars)  ৳13,300
 MX AC555 (550W-5jars) ৳15,300 
 MJ-DJ3 (800W) ৳16,800 
 MJ-M176P  ৳11,300
 MX-KM5070 (800W)  ৳8450

Is Panasonic a Reliable Brand?

It is indeed! Considering the global brand value and authority as an electronics producer, you can certainly check the Panasonic blender price in Bangladesh before considering other brands.

Panasonic, a conglomerate organization, started its business in the year 1918 in Osaka, Japan. The organization got huge exposure in the last century to become one of the top brands in generating quality home appliance products.

Japan is an established name in Bangladesh with the reputation of producing excellent electronic goods and services that actually last long. So, you should take into account that before considering the high Panasonic blender price in Bangladesh.

Philips Blender Price in Bangladesh

Image from Bestbuy

There it is! Here comes Philips, the symbol of excellence. You cannot but look for the Philips Blender Price in Bangladesh if you are thinking of buying a mixer grinder soon.

Usually, the Philips Blender Price in Bangladesh ranges from 3500 TK to 10,00 TK based on the specifications.

Mostly, you can get a good Philips mixer grinder spending between 5000 to 8000 TK.

Note that the Panasonic, Singer, and Philips mixer grinder price in Bangladesh is comparatively higher than the blenders of Walton, Miyako, or Kiam.

Have a look at the Philips Blender Price in Bangladesh regarding different models available.

Comparison Table for Philips Blender Price in Bangladesh

 Philips Blender Models Current Price (BDT) 
 HL7756/00 (750W) ৳7290 
 HR2041/10 (450W)  ৳4800
 HR2056/00 (450W)  ৳3790
 HR2222/01 (700W)  ৳8190
 HR2223/00 (700W)  ৳9450
HL7505 (500W) ৳5890
 HL7756/00 (750W)  ৳8,999
 HR2041/50 (450W) ৳5850 

Note that there is no official online store available for Philips blenders or electronics in Bangladesh.

You may find some differences in terms of Philips Blender Price in Bangladesh as different stores might offer coupons. The prices, above shown, are from Daraz online store.

Is Philips a Reliable Brand?

Philips is a multi-billion-dollar multinational organization that has excellent brand value all over the world.

Philips started its production in 1891 as an organization of the conglomerate industry in the Netherlands. Since then, Philips has never looked back and captured the world market of electronic products with real authority.

So, there is no reason you can doubt the quality Philips provides in producing blender machines. But before going for the Philips Blender Price in Bangladesh, make sure that the stores are reliable. Because there is no official website available for Philips in Bangladesh.

However, you will get a number of online stores to buy Philips mixer grinders alongside physical locations around the country.

Jaipan Blender Price in Bangladesh

Image from Jaipan

Jaipan is an Indian brand that has captured several markets including Bangladesh in South Asia with quality home appliance products.

Jaipan blender price in Bangladesh stays between 3500 TK to 8500 TK.

But you can have a great Jaipan grinder machine paying just over 4500 TK as most of the popular blender models are worth around that amount.

We have the best models here to compare the Jaipan mixer grinder price in Bangladesh for you.

Comparison Table for Jaipan Blender Price in Bangladesh

 Jaipan Blender Models Current Price (BDT) 
 JP-1290 (750W)  ৳3750
 JP-Family-Mate (1000W) ৳4890 
 JP-Fruttica (1HP) ৳5189 
 JP-Family-Mate (850W)  ৳4200
 JP-Grinder-Red (750W) ৳5500 
 JP-Fruttica (1000W)  ৳5450
 JP-Kitchen-Master (1050W)  ৳8550
 MFM-2100 (850W)  ৳6500
 JP-Kitchen-Green (750W)  ৳4700
 JP-Blender-Buttler (750W) ৳4499 

A number of Jaipan blender models are available excluding those shown in the table. You can find them online through Google or in physical locations around you.

Make sure that you have a better look at the Jaipan blender price in Bangladesh before making your decision considering the specifications available.

Is Jaipan a Reliable Brand?

In comparison with other international brands such as Philips, Singer, or Panasonic, Jaipan should be considered less experienced in this industry.

However, that does not mean that Jaipan does not produce quality electronic appliances. It has been very successful in attracting the attention of the Bangladeshi people.

Since 1981, Jaipan has come up with 180 electronic products, and they are exported to the United States as well.

So, you can certainly consider the Jaipan blender price in Bangladesh to compare with others and buy one that suits your budget and requirements.

LG Blender Price in Bangladesh

Image from Bdstall

LG blenders have very good popularity and you can have a look at the LG blender price in Bangladesh before buying one for yourself.

It is not like you will get a variety of models in going for LG mixer grinders, but you do have some great options. And they can certainly meet your needs and budget.

Usually, LG blender price in Bangladesh ranges from 4500 TK to 5500 TK.

So, if you are not looking for expensive blenders from Philips or Panasonic, it will be easy to choose from LG blender machines.

We have prepared a list here to compare the LG mixer grinder price in Bangladesh. Have a closer look.

Comparison Table for LG Blender Price in Bangladesh

 LG Blender Models Current Price (BDT) 
 LG Blue-Magic (850W) ৳5190 
 LG Blue-Berry (1000W) ৳5390 
 LG Blue-Berry (850W)  ৳4890
 LG Family-Mate (750W)  ৳4850
 LG Blue-Magic (750W)  ৳4050

You can see that not a lot of models are available to compare the LG blender price in Bangladesh. However, if you want to buy LG blenders, you can buy online or go to the LG electronics stores located in your area.

Is LG a Reliable Brand?

Yes, you can rely on LG in having a blender machine that will give you service for a longer period.

LG is a South Korean brand that has great exposure in Bangladesh. You may have used one or many electronic products from LG.

So, you can understand the quality. The business was formed in the year 1958 and now it is a trusted brand around the world.

So, it won’t be silly to compare the LG blender price in Bangladesh with other producers and make an informed decision about buying a perfect blender machine.

Nova Blender Price in Bangladesh

Image from Biochefkitchen

In case, you are looking for cheaper blender machines, Nova can be the best option for you in Bangladesh.

Nova blender price in Bangladesh starts from 1200 TK though it has expensive blenders of over 6000 TK as well. Note that you have a lot of options available between 1200 to 2000 TK to buy Nova blender machines.

That makes it a very popular brand in Bangladesh for middle or lower-middle-class people in purchasing electronic appliances within a limited budget.

A lower price does not mean that you will get low-quality blender machines. However, features will surely be less alongside slightly different building materials for the mixer grinders with lower prices in Bangladesh.

We have worked on finding the popular but cheaper models of Nova blender machines along with some expensive models.

Comparison Table for Nova Blender Price in Bangladesh

Nova Blender Models  Current Price (BDT)
 Nova GS-999/NBB-999//NW-999 (250W) ৳1249 
 Nova/Narita/Noawake (350W)  ৳1225
 Nova BlackBerry (350W) ৳2250 
 NV-157J (1000W)  ৳5790
 Nova BL-999 (3-in-1)  ৳1195
 NV-158J (1350W)  ৳5990
 NV-156J (1000W)  ৳5790
 Nova MXT4 (350W) ৳1990 
 NV-150 (900W)  ৳4500
 Nova Blender-Plus (350W)  ৳1500

From the above list, you can have a better understanding of Nova blender prices in Bangladesh in terms of different models.

Is Nova a Reliable Brand?

Well, Nova is a Japanese brand that produces a number of home appliance products ensuring quality. It has credibility and trust in the Bangladeshi market which suggests that you can buy and use Nova blender machines.

However, you cannot expect a lot of features, as mentioned earlier, if you purchase the cheaper blender machines from Nova.

You can compare different models of Nova blender price in Bangladesh as both expensive and cheap blender machines are available in big numbers.

In short, it is indeed a reliable brand to buy a blender from.

RFL Blender Price in Bangladesh

Image from Rflbestbuy

You all know the name of RFL as a home appliance giant in Bangladesh. Before buying a quality blender machine, you must consider the RFL blender price in Bangladesh because of the quality and materials it provides.

Let us provide an interesting fact here about RFL blender price in Bangladesh. You won’t find any blender machines naming RFL as its sister organization Vision produces all blender machines.

So, the Vision blenders are actually the RFL blenders that may cost you around 2000 to 4000 TK.

In getting further information about Vision or RFL blender price in Bangladesh, you can scroll above and go to the Vision blender price section.

Hopefully, you will get the necessary information to make your decision of buying a good RFL mixer grinder.

Vigo Blender Price in Bangladesh

Image from Vigo

Vigo is another brand of the RFL group just like Vision that also produces blender machines.

Usually, Vigo blender price in Bangladesh ranges from 1500 TK to 5000 TK. You may also check the Vision mixer grinder price in Bangladesh as they are sister brands of the RFL group to get further information.

We have listed some of the Vigo blenders here for you to compare the prices with other brands.

Comparison Table for Vigo Blender Price in Bangladesh

Vigo Blender Models  Current Price (BDT)
 VIG-PBL-010 (300W)  ৳1701
 VIG-SBL-017 (850W)  ৳4590
 VIS-SBL-005 (400W) ৳3555 
 VIG-SBL-011 (750W)  ৳4050
 SBL-013(JIYO+) (850W)  ৳4770
 VIG-SBL-014 (650W)  ৳3870
 VGBL-RG25 (350W)  ৳2205
 VGBL-S25 (350W)  ৳2160

Consider the above Vigo blender price in Bangladesh and choose the model that can meet your needs.

Is Vigo a Reliable Brand?

Yes, because it is a part of the RFL group. So, there is no way you can doubt the quality of Vigo blender machines.

Samsung Blender Price in Bangladesh

Image from Walmart

Most often we heard the question of whether Samsung produces blender machines or not. Even we search for Samsung blender price in Bangladesh on Google.

It is to be noted that Samsung produces blender machines but they are not available in Bangladesh currently.

So, you won’t get any search results or online stores for Samsung blender price in Bangladesh. You cannot but wait till we have the access to Samsung mixer grinders.

Sharp Blender Price in Bangladesh

Image from Bdshop

You can consider Sharp a comparatively new brand in Bangladesh that produces blender machines.

Sharp blender price in Bangladesh ranges from 3500 TK to 5500 TK in general. You will find not many models of sharp blender machines available.

But sharp mixer grinders have proved to be effective and long-lasting at reasonable prices.

We have listed the available models of sharp mixer grinders to compare prices with others brands in Bangladesh.

Comparison Table for Sharp Blender Price in Bangladesh

Sharp Blender Models Current Price (BDT)
Sharp EM-100PM-ST (500W) ৳4200
Sharp EM-CJ11-W3 (150W) ৳3650
Sharp EM-J11-W3 (450W) ৳5500

 It is understandable that only 3 models are available to compare Sharp blender price in Bangladesh. Anyway, you can pick from them if you have decided to buy a sharp blender machine.

Extensive Review on: Sharp Blender Price in Bangladesh

We recommend going for the first model of the table as it is the most-sold blender of Sharp so far.

Is Sharp a Reliable Brand?

Well, Sharp is not a familiar brand in the home appliance industry that way. We even found it difficult to gather information about the brand both online and offline.

So, we are not pretty sure about the quality of the blender machines Sharp produces.

However, it is recommended that you consider the Sharp blender price in Bangladesh to compare the features and specifications with other renowned brands to make your decision.

Factors You Must Consider Before Buying a Blender Machine

Look, we have not provided the specifications or features of every blender model we have listed in this article from different brands.

But you must have a closer look at the specifications of a blender machine before making the final decision of buying one.

Because it is not the blender price in Bangladesh that matters most, you will not want to end up choosing a blender with fewer features while spending a big amount of money.

Consider these factors for choosing a mixer grinder alongside the price:

1. Material

There is a huge number of blender machines that are built using plastic material. You can use plastic material blenders to make syrup and fruit juices easily. But try to know the type of plastic material that has been used.

On the other hand, stainless steel blender machine can be a great option as you even can cut or grind meat and spices alongside rice and pulses.

So, if you have a lower budget or just want to make fruit juice, you can buy plastic blender machines. For difficult work and durability, you should go for stainless steel grinders.

2. Speed

Well, speed is an important factor before considering the mixer grinder price in Bangladesh. Mixer grinders with high speed can save time and allow you to do what a lower-speed blender cannot do.

So, considering a high-watt motor will be a good thing in choosing a blender machine.

4. Capacity

The last but not the least important factor to consider before going for the blender price in Bangladesh is the capacity of the blender machines or jars.

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You will find blenders with a capacity of between 200 ml to 2 liters. We recommend going for a comparatively bigger capacity as that will ease the process of grinding a bigger amount of food or anything at a time.

Types of Blender Machines

Blender machines can be of different types. Usually, we see three types of mixer grinders which are:

  1. Countertop Blender Machine
  2. Immersion Blender Machine
  3. Personal Blender Machine

The first one, that means, countertop blenders are the most common type of grinder that you use as a kitchen appliance. A countertop blender usually has a jar with blades inside and a motor to power the machine.

You can use Immersion blender machines using your hands, basically, these are hand blenders you use in your house.

What you call small blender machines in Bangladesh, are actually personal blenders.

So, first decide on which type of blender price in Bangladesh you want to know, then go for a good purchase. Here, we have talked about the countertop mixer grinder price in Bangladesh.

Safe & Correct Use of Blender Machines

After using blender machines for a few days or weeks, you may find that the machine is not working properly. In these situations, you tend to think that the blender machine is of bad quality or similar things.

Yes, the quality of the mixer grinder can be responsible for this. But we have seen that most of the cases occur because of incorrect use of the blender machines. Yes, it’s a fact!

So, it will be better if you have knowledge of the safe use of blenders before considering the blender price in Bangladesh.

Be careful about these:

  1. You should cut the ingredients into comparatively smaller pieces before grinding them in the blender. Because bigger ingredients can harm the blades of the blender.
  2. Make sure that you are not using the blender continuously for 1-2 minutes. You should give breaks and work again to use the mixer grinder for a longer period.
  3. It will be better if you don’t go for the maximum speed of the blender every time you use it. Mix things up, start with lower speeds and go further as necessary avoiding the max point if possible.
  4. The electric connection might damage your blender machine as well. So, make sure that you are not providing too much power to the blender that can cause shock circuits.
  5. Ensure that you wash the blender machines just before and after use. It will keep no smell which might affect the taste of the food.

FAQs on Mixer Grinders Price

  1. Why does the price of Blender Machines differ?

Blender price in Bangladesh differs based on several factors. They can be the capacity, power, material, and accessories a blender has. So, a blender worth 1350 TK does not mean that it is a fairly bad product to buy.

  1. How much does a Small Blender cost in Bangladesh?

You can buy small blenders/mixer grinders spending around 800 TK to 1000 TK in Bangladesh. However, it may differ based on the different brands available.

  1. What are the benefits of Blenders/Grinders?

Blenders have made things super easy to paste onion, ginger, or garlic within a few seconds. Even, you can use blender machines to turn vegetables into soups, nuts into butter, chop ingredients as necessary, or powder anything.

  1. What is the difference between Blender Machine & Mixer Grinder?

There is a slight difference available between them. A blender machine is used to mix different foods or make juices. But Grinders are used to powder anything. In a general sense, both work in a similar way. But grinders are more powerful than blender machines. Anyway, we use both words similarly in Bangladesh avoiding the slight difference.

The Conclusion

Now that you have knowledge of different blender price in Bangladesh, you can certainly make an informed decision to buy a good blender machine.

Don’t be too fast in choosing a model or brand to buy a blender machine. Consider the capacity of the blenders alongside the material and power consumption ability carefully.

Fairly saying, the Walton blenders are the most popular in Bangladesh while Miyako and Vision are not far behind. Our research found that all the available brands produce quality blender machines at competitive prices.

So, we are not recommending you any specific brand that has been mentioned in this article. You can give priority to your choice and compare the blender price in Bangladesh to buy a top-class blender machine.

We strongly recommend buying from physical locations or stores. However, online purchase is more convenient in saving valuable time.



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