How You Can Make a Refrigerator Smell Better

7 Effective Methods

A smelly refrigerator is a problem many find during their work in the kitchen. The smell is something that not only causes food to rot and taste foul but also makes the fridge unusable.

There are different methods that can make the foul smell of the refrigerator go away and can make it smell fragrant by using different products. Many of these methods are commonly used by people around the world.

There are some other methods that are specialized treatments and are only available to some people.

Effective Methods You Can Use

Method 1: Clean Your Fridge to Make It Smell Better

The foul smell in the refrigerator can be there due to spillage of food or rotting of food caused due to long-term storage.

This smell can sometimes become so disturbing that it can take the environment of the whole room down with it.

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To make your fridge smell normal, you need to clean it properly with the help of warm water, dish soap and a soft cloth.

Clean it inside out and then put some food in it. Keep cleaning it again and again, and never let the food spill and rot.

Method 2: Creating Fragrance Using Baking Soda

Baking Soda can be a very useful compound to make your refrigerator smell better. It contains sodium bicarbonate, which can reduce odour by balancing the amount of pH inside the refrigerator.

Most consumers use Baking Soda in a cup of water and clean their refrigerators with the help of this solution thoroughly.

The use of Baking Soda decreases unpleasant smells and makes your refrigerator smell like a newly bought one.

Method 3: Banishing Odor with the Help of Vanilla Extract

The unwanted smell caused due to rotting food or meat can be reduced with the help of Vanilla Extract.

All you need to do is to take a few balls of cotton. Pour some of the Vanilla extracts on those balls and place them inside a dish. Place that dish inside any of the shelves inside the fridge.

Vanilla works wonders and can also keep other places, such as drawers and cupboards, fragrant.

Method 4: Using Freshly Ground Coffee for Better Smell

Freshly ground coffee is another product that can work in the direction of making your refrigerator fragrant.

It can also reduce unwanted odours coming out of the refrigerators caused due to rotting fruits or meat.

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All you need to do is to fill a shallow bowl with freshly ground coffee and put it on any shelf inside the refrigerator.

Coffee can work magically and can reduce and then eliminate all of the unpleasant odours of the refrigerator.

Method 5: Vinegar as the Ultimate Solution to Our Problems

Vinegar is the most accessible and handy product that can be used to get rid of unwanted odours in any fridge.

To remove unwanted odour, you need to take some Vinegar in a bowl and soak a paper towel in that Vinegar. Keep that towel in the back of any compartment of your fridge.

Vinegar can absorb all the unpleasant smells to keep your fridge fragrant. However, don’t forget to soak the paper again once it is dry.

Method 6: Citrus as a Plausible Solution

Citrus can act as buffers against foul smells. You can use hollow grapefruit and orange for fragrance.

You just need to take a hollow orange, put some salt into it and place it in the back of any compartments of the refrigerator. The salt can draw out all the fragrances of the orange and can keep your fridge fresh and fragrant.

Keep it inside the fridge until the salt becomes damp. Empty and replace once salt becomes wet.

Method 7: Use of Potatoes & Better Smell

Potatoes can provide you with a lot of help while dealing with the problems of unwanted smells inside the fridge.

All you need to do is to cut a potato into slices and place those slices on the back of the compartments.

Potato slices will absorb any unwanted smell and will make your fridge smell even better.

Final Words

All these ways and products can be used to create a more fragrant refrigerator. These products can remove any foul smell from the fridge.

These are available in every household most of the time and are highly effective in coping with the problems of the unwanted odour of refrigerators.

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