How You Can Clean a Washing Machine

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A washing machine is an essential piece of technology that everyone needs in their house these days. It is used worldwide, and it often gets smelly and dirty because of bacterial growth. There can also be residues of fibers, cleaners, and hard water that can cause clogging of the drain.

Sometimes, it becomes so greasy that the washing tub starts giving an unpleasant smell that affects our clothes as well. At that time, it becomes essential to clean it out properly. There are several processes and several parts of the washing machine that require proper cleaning.

A washing machine is an equipment that requires basic cleaning every day. However, we can also deep clean it to remove greasiness and stains every three or four months with the help of several products and processes.

Is Vinegar the best solution for proper cleaning?

Chlorine Bleach and Vinegar are the most common products we use when cleaning any washing machine. Being an acid, Vinegar, also called White Vinegar, helps in the elimination of all the sliminess and other accumulations present inside or outside of the washing machine.

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Depending on the situation, Vinegar can be the best solution. For instance, for situations such as mold, Vinegar is very effective. Additionally, it is also effective in case of foul smells and odors because it helps absorb all the foul smells and provides its own mild fragrance to keep the machine fresh and usable.

Moreover, people also prefer Vinegar because it is less harsh as compared to other products such as Bleaches.

Is Chlorine Bleach Effective in Cleaning a Washing Machine?

Chlorine Bleach is also an effective agent for cleaning a refrigerator. In case of mold and mildew, Chlorine Bleach is found more effective compared with Vinegar or any other product.

Some people prefer Chlorine because it is severe and it helps clean things up in a better manner. To use bleach to clean the machine, you need to use a quarter of a cup into hot water. Allow the washing machine a normal wash cycle, and your cleaning of the machine will start.

However, it is necessary to read the instruction manual of the machine to confirm that the machine does not have any problem with the bleach in terms of damage to its surface.

How to Clean Inside of a Washing Machine

The first step before cleaning the machine is to turn it off. After that, you need to sanitize the drain.

To sanitize and clean it, disconnect it from the pipe, place it in an empty tub, and allow the water to be drained out of the machine. Check and remove gunk if necessary.

After that, try to soak the drain in Vinegar with the purpose of removing mildew. For the hardened grot, use a toothbrush having a baking soda paste on it.

Check for the filter on the washing machine. If you do not see or recognize it, look it out in the manual. Clean the filter as well.

Machines with front loaders can be cleaned with the help of microfiber cloth soaked in bleach and dish soap. Clean the machine thoroughly with the help of the microfiber cloth.

You can also use washing soda and two cups of borax as well. In the case of the top loader machine, add four cups of Vinegar and set the machine for a spin.

Once it is done, allow the mixture to remain in the drum for a while. Finally, add some baking soda and give it another spin for a few minutes.

How to Clean Outside of Washing Machine

To clean outside of a washing machine, you need to read the instruction manual so that you do not use any harmful product that can cause harm to its normal functioning.

After reading that, take some washing soap mixed with Vinegar and add this to hot water. Take a smooth and soft cloth. Soak it in a mixture of hot water, Vinegar, and soap. Rub off all the exterior parts of the machine gently and slowly.

Finally, rinse off both the inside and outside of the washing machine.

How to Remove Smells from the Washing Machine

To remove any foul smell or odor caused due to bacteria or any other accumulation, you need to spray the machine with Vinegar.

You can also use Vinegar when cleaning the machine to make it easier for it to reach all the areas of the machine.

Vinegar can remove odors and add fragrance; therefore, it is highly effective in removing odors.

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