How to Clean a Refrigerator Easily & Effectively

The process is that easy if you follow these

A refrigerator is an important piece of household tech that needs to be cleaned properly to keep the food for longer and smell better. It is always a difficult and time-taking task to do. However, with several instructions and ways, cleaning it can become a piece of cake.

There are several parts of the refrigerator that need to be cleaned with proper care and with the use of proper instruments. Any use of an inappropriate instrument may lead to irreparable damage to your machine hence causing a lot of trouble both financially as well as physically.

What to Do Before Cleaning the Refrigerator

Before cleaning any refrigerator, you need to take some precautionary measures. First on the list of measures is unplugging the refrigerator.

After that, you need to choose the instruments of cleaning that do not harm the interior or exterior of the refrigerator.

You should not use any pointy or metallic objects such as wire sponges, knives, or metallic rods because they may cause harm to the machine.

Moreover, turning off the cooling of the refrigerator is also considered a standard procedure in many parts of the world.

How to Start Cleaning the Refrigerator

First, you need to take warm water and a soft piece of cloth. Put some dish soap in the water and soak the cloth in that mixture.

Make sure the cloth is well-soaked and is not hard enough to harm the surface of the refrigerator.

After that, start removing all the parts of the machine that can be detached from it to be cleaned separately because they can cause many hurdles during the cleaning. Also, they themselves cannot be cleaned inside the refrigerator.

How to Clean the Interior of the Refrigerator

Take the soaked cloth and rub the interior of the fridge softly. Pay special attention to the corners and places that cannot be reached. You can use a toothbrush to clean the areas not accessible with your hands.

After rubbing all of these areas softly, spill some water in the interior or use a washed-out cloth with no dish soap and clean the soap and remnants of food and other particles.

How to Clean the Exterior of a Refrigerator

The exterior of the refrigerator can be cleaned with the help of the same cloth soaked in a mixture of soap and warm water.

Use it to clean all the parts of the front and sides gently and slowly. Do not touch wires or the area under the refrigerator.

After cleaning with soaped water, rinse off the area with clean warm water.

How to Clean Doors of the Refrigerator

Cleaning door gaskets are tedious and strenuous work to do. Most of the time, it is difficult to clean the parts because our hands and cloth cannot reach inside the little rifts of the gasket that are almost impossible to reach.

However, with the help of a toothbrush or any non-metallic and not very sharp object having cloth wrapped around it, you can reach those rifts to clean those areas thoroughly and easily.

How to Clean Removeable Parts of Refrigerators

Removable parts such as different compartments, meshes, and plastic storage areas on the doors need to be cleaned properly.

Therefore, after removing all the parts, put them in warm water having a mixture of dish soap in it.

Keep them in warm water so that the spill or remnants of food that have become harder may come off easily.

Clean them with a soft cloth after they become soft due to soaking.

What to Do After Cleaning is Complete

After cleaning all the parts and the refrigerator itself, let all of them dry.

Put back all the parts that were removed in the same order as previous and plug the refrigerator in.

In the end, your refrigerator has been cleaned thoroughly and safely.

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