How to Get HopLinks & Where to Put them?

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You have created your ClickBank affiliate account, huh? Fantastic! Now it is time to get the HopLinks and put them in your marketing materials to generate sales. Oh, wait! Do you know how to get HopLinks?

No? Then, go through this article to have a clear understanding of HopLinks and the processes to get them. Moreover, you will get instructions on where you may use the HopLinks for bringing in tons of traffic.

What is a HopLink?

In simple words, you can consider HopLinks as ‘Referral URLs’. That means a HopLink refers to a specific vendor among millions of others alongside an affiliate.

In general, HopLink does the work of linking the customers to the product page of a vendor. At the same time, ClickBank gets the information of the affiliate who drives the visitors to the vendor’s product page.

When a visitor visits and buys the products of a vendor through HopLinks, it becomes easy for ClickBank to identify and provide commissions to the affiliates.

How to Get HopLinks?

Usually, you can get two types of HopLinks from ClickBank and the ways are different for each. The first one is Encrypted HopLink whereas the second one is Readable HopLink. Let’s go deep about how to get them.

1. Encrypted HopLinks

This type of HopLink is more secure as it does not contain any information about the affiliates and vendors on it. The URL looks similar to many other links on the web.

You can create encrypted HopLinks both from ‘Product Listing’ and ‘HopLink Shield’.

From Product Listing

Step 1: Go to the ‘Marketplace’ tab or search products in the ‘ClickBank Insights’.

Step 2: After the selection of any product of your choice, click on the ‘Promote’ button. You will then be redirected to a page where you are to put the required information.

Step 3: Be sure to put your correct ‘Nickname’ here with an optional ‘Tracking ID’. We strongly recommend you to provide a tracking ID to track the activities of that HopLink.

Step 4: Then, click the Red Button saying ‘GENERATE HOPLINKS’. You will get the encrypted HopLink immediately which is ready to be used.

Step 5: Copy and paste the HopLink for future use in different marketing materials.

Step 6: Click on ‘Close’ from the right corner of the window.

From HopLink Shield

You can also create encrypted HopLinks from HopLink Shield. In this case, make sure to collect the vendor’s nickname first.

Step 1: Search in Google typing ‘HopLink Shield’ and click on the ranked link.

Step 2: Instantly, you will be brought to the encrypted HopLink creation page.

Step 3: You will then see two boxes named ‘Affiliate Nickname’ and ‘Vendor Nickname’. Insert data in those boxes accordingly.

Step 4: Click the Blue button ‘ENCODE’ and you will get the HopLink ready.

Step 5: Copy and paste the link into a safe place.

2. Readable HopLinks

As you can see, the name is suggesting that this type of HopLink is readable. That means these HopLinks contain the name of the vendors and affiliates at the same time.

So, you may consider readable HopLinks as less secure. But you will need no tool like HopLink Shield for generating readable HopLinks. You can do it from the product listing easily.

NOTE: Avoid Using Readable HopLinks to Ensuring Security.

Things to Consider While Creating a HopLink

Tracking IDs

Tracking IDs are unique strings that are used with HopLinks. A tracking ID provides you the information of the visitors and buyers who goes through that HopLink to the product page from a specific source.

It will be beneficial to use tracking IDs in every HopLink though this is optional. This will give you an overview of how your promotional activities are performing on different platforms, how much traffic are generating, and how many sales are coming from each HopLink.

While giving any tracking ID, consider different numbers, lowercase, or underscore letters. It depends on your choice though. But be sure to use less than 100 characters for each one.

Test the HopLinks

Immediately after creating the HopLinks, don’t use them in your marketing materials. Because you are to be 100% sure whether the links are bearing your affiliate name or not. Otherwise, you will lose revenue while generating traffic.

For testing any HopLink, open the newly generated link in any of your browsers. Then, click ‘Buy Now’ from the product page to reach the order form of ClickBank. Scroll down, and you will get your affiliate name shown like this ‘[Affiliate = YourName]’ just below the ‘Terms of Sale’ at the bottom of the form.

If you see something like this ‘[Affiliate = None]’, then you must avoid using the HopLink. That is not linked to your affiliate username. Sometimes, this happens because of providing wrong information or any technical faults.

If it happens, then, you will need to create another HopLink with your affiliate nickname/username using the ways shown above.

Marketing Methods to Put your HopLinks

Yes, you have a number of ways in front of you to promote the products. But after getting the HopLinks, consider only those marketing materials that generate value for you.

Here, some of the most profitable methods have been discussed where you may use your HopLinks.

1. Inbound Links with an Article

These days, this is one of the most popular ways to use HopLinks and produce sales. You know what a rank article can do with a good search volume!

Just think about it. You have the HopLink in one of your ranked articles. Importantly, the article has more than enough quality content to turn the visitors into buyers. Won’t that be great?

But ensure that the article has the ability to build trust among the potential buyers to generate sales. In addition, you will need to work a little, we should say ‘a lot’ to rank the article in the search engine.

2. Direct Linking

This way is somewhat related to the first one though this is different. In this way, you just need to design a banner representing your selected product to put your HopLinks. Either you can do it on your own or hire a graphic designer.

Honestly saying, direct linking is not profitable that way. But you are surely to expand your promotional activities to expect more earnings. You may consider promoting these banners to social media platforms for more exposure.

After getting the banner or post ready, put your HopLink on it. Then find the related content or articles to add that banner. It will be easy for you if you operate a website of your own.

3. Email Marketing

Earnings from ClickBank totally depend on the traffic you generate on the product page. The above ways are very effective in generating traffic through HopLinks but the problem is that the visitors will come once.

But if you have lots of emails on your server, you can offer the product or service to them again and again. But obviously in a formal manner considering their interests and expectation. You can’t send an email to someone who has not shown any interest in the related product before.

4. Social Media Platforms

Basically, your target is to promote your HopLinks to more people. In that case, social media platforms can be mighty effective for you!

What you can do is create a platform or page that generates value for the community. That can be done through posts, articles, videos, and even audio clips. If you have other ideas, that will be great. It is about maximizing your skills!

What is important is that people have belief in you. Then, you can go for promotional activities with your HopLinks to generate traffic. Ultimately, this will increase sales and commissions from ClickBank for you.

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