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In Bangladesh, Dove Soap has earned its reputation as a trusted and beloved skincare brand. Its gentle formulations and nourishing qualities have made it a go-to choice for many. However, in a market filled with various skincare options, understanding the Dove soap price in Bangladesh and where to find the best deals can be crucial.

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Dove soap in Bangladesh, exploring its different variants, pricing factors, and where you can snag the best bargains, to ensure that you make informed choices for your skincare needs.

Dove Soap Price in Bangladesh 2023

You will see that Dove soap 135gm price in Bangladesh is significantly less compared with the Dove soap 100gm price in Bangladesh.

Check the latest Dove soap price on Daraz Bangladesh here:

Image Weight Rating Check Price
Dove-Soap-50gm-Price-in-Bangladesh 50gm ⭐4.7 On Daraz
Dove-Soap-90gm-Price-in-Bangladesh 90gm ⭐4.9 On Daraz
Dove-Soap-100gm-Price-in-Bangladesh 100gm ⭐4.7 On Daraz
Dove-Soap-135gm-Price-in-Bangladesh 135gm ⭐4.8 On Daraz

Available Dove Soap Variants in Bangladesh

Dove soap price in Bangladesh differs based on the available variants. Here’s an overview of the available Dove Soap variants in Bangladesh:

#1 Dove Beauty Bar

This classic variant is known for its moisturizing properties. It contains 1/4 moisturizing cream to ensure that your skin feels soft and smooth after every wash.

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It’s suitable for all skin types and is a staple for many.

#2 Dove Pink Rosa Beauty Bar

This variant combines the gentle cleansing and moisturizing properties of Dove with the delicate scent of pink roses. It not only cleanses but also leaves a subtle floral fragrance on your skin.

#3 Dove Shea Butter Beauty Bar

Enriched with shea butter, this Dove variant provides intense moisturization to make it an excellent choice for dry or very dry skin. It helps to nourish and soothe rough skin, leaving it soft and supple.

#4 Dove Coconut Milk Beauty Bar

Infused with the goodness of coconut milk and the comforting scent of jasmine petals, this variant offers deep hydration, making it perfect for tropical-inspired shower experiences.

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However, it may cost you more compared with other variant of Dove soap price in Bangladesh.

#5 Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar

Ideal for those with sensitive or delicate skin, this variant is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. It provides the same moisturizing benefits as the original Dove Beauty Bar while being gentle on sensitive skin.

#6 Dove Go Fresh Revive Beauty Bar

Infused with the invigorating scent of pomegranate and lemon verbena, this variant revitalizes your senses while cleansing and moisturizing your skin. It’s a great choice for a refreshing shower experience.

#7 Dove Baby Rich Moisture Bar

Specially formulated for delicate baby skin, this variant is hypoallergenic and gentle. It’s perfect for daily use on infants and toddlers, providing a mild and nourishing cleanse.

Factors Affecting Dove Soap Prices in Bangladesh

Here are the key factors affecting Dove soap price in Bangladesh:

#1 Variant & Size

The specific variant and size of Dove Soap significantly impact its price. Different variants and packaging sizes are available to cater to various consumer preferences, and larger sizes often come at a lower per-unit cost.

#2 Packaging Type

Dove Soap is available in various packaging types, including single bars, multipacks, and gift sets. Multipacks and larger quantities often offer a more economical price per bar compared to individual bars or gift sets.

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#3 Retailer & Location

The retailer you choose can influence the price of Dove Soap. Prices may vary between local stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, and online retailers.

#4 Promotions & Discounts

Periodic sales, promotions, and discounts offered by retailers can lead to significant price variations. It’s common to find Dove Soap at a lower price during special promotions or festive seasons.

#5 Import & Distribution Costs

Import tariffs, transportation expenses, and distribution costs can impact the final Dove soap price in Bangladesh. Fluctuations in these costs can lead to price changes over time.

#6 Exchange Rates

As Dove Soap is often manufactured in other countries and imported into Bangladesh, changes in exchange rates can affect its pricing. A weaker local currency can lead to higher import costs and, consequently, higher prices for consumers.

#7 Inflation & Economic Conditions

General economic conditions and inflation rates in Bangladesh can also influence the pricing of consumer goods, including Dove Soap. During periods of high inflation, prices may increase.

#8 Competition

The presence of competing soap brands in the market can lead to price competition. Retailers may adjust prices to remain competitive and attract customers.

Consumers have a variety of options when it comes to purchasing one considering the overall Dove soap price in Bangladesh, both through physical retailers and online stores.

#1 Daraz

Daraz is one of the largest and most reliable e-commerce platforms in Bangladesh.

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It offers a wide selection of Dove Soap variants, including the convenience of home delivery and various payment options.

#2 AjkerDeal

AjkerDeal is a popular online marketplace in Bangladesh that offers Dove Soap and a range of personal care products. It often features discounts and deals.

#3 Pickaboo

Pickaboo is an online electronics and lifestyle store that includes personal care items like Dove Soap in its product catalog. They offer fast delivery services.

#4 PriyoShop

PriyoShop is known for its diverse product range, including Dove Soap. They frequently run promotions and discounts on personal care products.

#5 Amazon & eBay

Some international online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay may also ship Dove Soap to Bangladesh. However, it will look unusual as shipping costs will exceed the total amount of the Dove soap price in Bangladesh by a big margin if you purchase from these retailers.

#6 Social-Media Marketplaces

Facebook Marketplace and various Instagram shops have gained popularity in Bangladesh. Many sellers offer Dove Soap and personal care products through these platforms.

#1 Supermarkets & Hypermarkets

Large retail chains like ACI, Shwapno, Agora, and Meena Bazar have a significant presence in Bangladesh and usually stock a wide range of Dove Soap variants.

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These stores offer convenience and often feature special promotions.

#2 Department Stores

Department stores in major cities, such as Bashundhara City Mall in Dhaka, provide shoppers with access to a variety of brands, including Dove. These stores offer a one-stop shopping experience.

#3 Cosmetic Shops

Specialty cosmetic shops and beauty supply stores often carry Dove Soap variants, catering to consumers who prioritize skincare and personal grooming.

Dove Soap Buying Tips & Strategies

When it comes to buying a Dove Soap in Bangladesh, there are several buying tips and strategies that can help you make informed decisions:

#1 Understand Your Skin Type

Before considering the Dove soap price in Bangladesh and buying one, determine your skin type (e.g., normal, dry, sensitive, oily) and any specific skin concerns you have. Dove offers different variants to cater to various skin needs, so choose one that suits your skin type and preferences.

#2 Check for Authenticity

Be cautious when purchasing Dove Soap, especially from unreliable online platforms or small retailers. Ensure you are buying from authorized and reputable sellers to avoid counterfeit or expired products.

#3 Check Manufacturing & Expiry Dates

Always check the manufacturing and expiry dates on the packaging. Ensure you are purchasing a product with sufficient shelf life.

#4 Read Product Descriptions

Pay attention to product descriptions, as they provide information about the soap’s ingredients, benefits, and any special features. This can help you select the most suitable variant.

#5 Customer Reviews

Read customer reviews and ratings carefully when shopping from an online store. Feedback from other consumers can provide insights into the product’s performance and whether it meets expectations.

#6 Compare Prices

Compare the Dove Soap price in Bangladesh based on its available variants across different retailers, both physical and online. Look for promotions, discounts, and bundle deals to save money.

#7 Buy in Multipacks

Purchasing Dove Soap in multipacks or larger quantities often results in a lower per-unit cost, saving you money in the long run.

Final Words on Dove Soap Price in Bangladesh

Overall, navigating the world of Dove soap price in Bangladesh involves considering various factors, from skin type to pricing dynamics in the market. With a diverse range of variants and the availability of both physical retailers and online stores, you have options to suit your specific needs and preferences.

By staying informed, comparing prices, and making use of discounts and promotions, you can enjoy the quality and nourishment that Dove Soap offers while saving money. You may choose from our recommended Dove soaps or look for other options that seem convenient for you.

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