How to Do ClickBank & Earn Money?

A complete guide for Affiliates and Vendors

You are thinking of starting an affiliate business with ClickBank but lack information on how to do ClickBank, huh? Exactly that is the reason why we are here to provide you with a complete guide about ClickBank and how it works. In addition, you will know what resources you may use to patronize your business further.

What Exactly is ClickBank?

ClickBank is basically an online platform, you can say an eCommerce platform, where owners and affiliate marketers do business collaboratively.

Whether you are a content creator or an affiliate marketer, you have a great opportunity here. That means you can sell your own products or promote others to get commissions between 1% to 75%.

Yes, you have read what you have understood! The commissions can be up to 75% in ClickBank. Sounds great, huh?

Here on this platform, you will have thousands of products to work with and over 6 million owners and affiliates.

So, you can understand how beneficial ClickBank can be for you in terms of earning money online both being an owner and an affiliate!

The Ways to Make Money on ClickBank…

In General, you can earn money in two ways from ClickBank, one is by selling your own products and the other is by getting commissions from the promotional products of others.

Way 1: Sale Other’s Products & Services (Affiliate)

You don’t have any products or services to sell? Not to be worried, pal! Now it is time to be an affiliate alongside millions in ClickBank.

Being an affiliate of ClickBank is completely free! So, what you need to do is just sign up and get an account for yourself.

After that, you can pick any product to promote and start earning from sales. Consider the popular or potentially valuable products depending on your interest and the percentage you will get.

Now, let’s just know the steps of how you can be a valuable affiliate of ClickBank.

Step 1: Signing Up

Search on Google typing ‘ClickBank and click the rank website to enter their official website.

Now you will have the ‘Sign Up button on the right side of your screen on the Homepage.

Click on that and follow the instructions to provide the necessary information. Be 100% sure about the precision and correctness of the information you provide.

Select an available username that best suits your business. After completing the procedures, you will get a confirmation mail.

That’s it, you are all set to work and earn now.

Step 2: Choosing Products

Now, it is time to choose the products to promote. Do you have any choice or niche selected? Yes? Good!

Go to the ‘Marketplace tab from your ‘Homepage and search for the products of your selected niche.

But before selecting any product, consider the product’s gravity and online reviews. Because you are to be 100% sure about the popularity and sales rate of the selected product.

In addition, online reviews will represent the quality of the service. Furthermore, you may check the statistic of ClickBank about the selected product to get more info.

These things are crucial because you don’t want to work with a product that does not generate any sales, do you?

Step 3: Getting Links

Now it is time to get the links or hoplinks to put them in your articles or anywhere you want. It will depend on the promotional methods you adopt.

Getting affiliate links is very easy here at ClickBank. After selecting your product, just click on the ‘Promote’ button.

You will then be redirected to a page where you will be asked to put your username and tracking ID (if you want). After that, you will get the link immediately to use and promote that product.

Further Explanation: How to Get HopLinks

Step 4: Get Paid

After completing all the promotional activities, it is time to get paid from ClickBank. You may check what you have earned by logging into your account anytime.

Usually, you will get payments from ClickBank once every two weeks. While getting payments, keep tracking your activities and rewards to make changes in the plan as necessary.

If one product is not generating sales the way you want, then try another or more to enhance chances.

Way 2: Sale Own Products & Services (Vendor)

You have a number of digital or physical products to sell, right? That is great! Because ClickBank provides the platform to reach millions of customers with high rates of purchasing.

You just need to pay the initial $49.95 charge to sign up as a vendor. But this should not be an issue at all as you are to get back that money quickly with hundreds and thousands more to be followed.

Don’t forget to set a commission percentage that attracts the affiliates. At first, prefer giving more commissions to the affiliates.

Because affiliates are those who are going to promote your services on their websites and platforms. This will increase sales and you will get noticed by more potential customers.

Steps to Be Followed to Become a Vendor in ClickBank

Step 1: Sign Up

Follow the processes that have been provided in the affiliate section above. But don’t forget to select the ‘vendor’ option instead of the affiliate.

Provide information like the last time to complete the Sign Up. Then, you will be ready to step forward for the next process of selling your products.

Step 2: Complete Legal Documentation

Legal documentations mean documents about the copyright of your products and other payment-related documents.

This will completely be your responsibility to manage these things. Remember that ClickBank will issue no assistance in this case.

In addition, ensure that your products are maintaining all the local, state, or federal rules and regulations. This is just to avoid any legal issues while starting to sell the products.

Step 3: Creating Pitch Pages

Pitch pages are mandatory for selling products in ClickBank. Pitch pages are those which are created to show the specifications and features of the products. You may consider these as sales pages.

A pitch page is something that turns visitors into buyers. So, the information you insert here must be true, unique, and eye-catching.

There will be a ClickBank HopLink on every pitch page which will redirect the buyers to the order form for every product.

Furthermore, don’t forget to create a ‘Thank You’ page for your buyers. Once the buyers will buy any product and make the payment, they will be redirected here. You may add your contact details on this page.

Step 4: Adding CBTB Badge & Hoplinks

Achieving the trust of the visitors is vital for generating sales. In this case, a trust badge from the marketplace can be a superb option.

ClickBank provides a CBTB badge with different styles to use on the pitch page with your product. You may also use the badge on your ‘Thank You’ page.

Create a HopLink for every product you sell. Your affiliates will use the modified HopLinks to promote your products on their websites and in other ways.

That is how you will take account of the traffic that comes to your product page from different sources.

Step 5: Requesting Approval

Now, it is time to request approval for your products. ClickBank will not allow any product to be sold unless the product is approved by their team.

After the submission of your product, you will get feedback within 3-5 working days. If your products meet all the criteria, they will be approved.

After getting the approval, you will have to pay the $49.95 charge to start selling and generating revenue.

Pros & Cons of doing ClickBank as an Affiliate!

ClickBank is a superb platform for affiliates, more specifically, for new affiliates. Because there are not many rules, regulations, or criteria to fulfill here. You can start earning immediately after creating an affiliate account.

Let’s just have a look at what the pros and cons of ClickBank are.


  • Opportunity to sell in all parts of the world.
  • Thousands of products to pick from.
  • High commission rate (Up to 75%).
  • Opportunity to work with multiple products.
  • Easy processes to follow while getting regular income.


  • Extreme competition with popular products.
  • Availability of a big number of low-quality products.
  • Difficult to expect earnings without driving a good amount of traffic.

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